The Addams Family Musical

Posted on 07.12.13 to Entertainment by Joan

If you’re a fan of a good ol’ musical, you have to watch The Addams Family, playing now at Resorts World Sentosa. We stumbled upon this quite by chance, actually (which also proves how badly it’s been promoted here), but we thoroughly enjoyed the production, and this is why:

[1] The cast was stellar. Every single character was like a cut out of the cartoon series: they looked exactly the part, they acted exactly the part. I imagine a lot of time was spent in finding the perfect cast for this show, which actually has been personally inspiring for me right now in believing that with a little patience, the perfect plan will fall into place.

[2] The music was singable and memorable. That’s the point of musicals, if you asked me. I used to study to the soundtrack of The Phantom of the Opera. I watched Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark in New York, and while they music and lyrics were by U2’s Bono and The Edge, I could not remember a single piece from it. I did not enjoy it either.

[3] There were not too many super fancy high-tech theatrics, as the trend seems these days. They used puppetry and traditional story-telling techniques. The props, while beautiful and really well done, looked like theatre props and not too much like real life.

[4] I loved the comedy of it, and especially the local touch by incorporating the merlion in a joke.

You really have to catch the show. It’s my next favourite, after Phantom. Book your tickets via Sistic now.

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