Dog Sledding

Posted on 02.20.13 to Work by Joan

Dog Sledding

Clare’s recent homework had her writing about her parent’s occupation. She chose mine. One of the questions asked why I like my occupation. To which, the answer was that I get to try new things (as a television producer, particularly so as a reality television producer, but I didn’t get into that as it would be too complex to explain to her and to expect her to explain to anyone else).

She was also asked to put up a picture of her parent at work, and I chose this photo of me dog sledding, testing one of the challenges of a show I worked on. (I was going to print a photo of me doing a truck pull, but thought that was unbelievable.)

Upon handing in her homework, her teacher asked her if this photo was real, or if she cut it out of a magazine.

True to form, my daughter responded, “Of course not.”

I am glad I’ve raised my daughter to understand that there are many experiences in this world for us to gain, and that nothing is too far fetched.

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