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Posted on 12.07.12 to Personal by Joan

Controversy surrounding Michael McKay’s nomination at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, under the Best Director category, as raised by the Australian Directors Guild.

Instead of making a gentleman’s call, or dropping an email or even sending a letter to us saying, “I’m sorry we have a rocket up our arse, but it’s nothing personal and maybe we could work together in creating a different category for the different type of directors”.

But instead, the Guild decided to throw a tantrum like a losing chess player throwing the chess board up in the air, by issuing a rather aggressive press release, crying disrespect.

It is a given that reality production is very different from drama.

But one should not discredit the role of the director who ensures that we have all the coverage we need IN JUST ONE TAKE. No reshoots. No yelling, “CUT!”

In fact, this carry on by the Australian Directors Guild has been disrespectful towards a peer in the television industry.

On a lighter note: the two pictures of Michael were taken by me!

The views expressed on this blog are personal and in no way representative of anyone else.

UPDATE: The Guild has called Michael to apologise for the press release, and has admitted that after asking around, that Michael does do a lot of work in directing. They have even invited Michael to join the Guild too.

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